Self-portrait 2008

“Avant-Hard” is ADD N TO (X) album from the year 1999.

The extravagant band has finished its existence in 2003. And I have continued it.

I am originally from Latvia, Rezekne which is one of those small towns where everyone knows each other, and everyone dresses on the same market, and everyone goes to the same club, and where rumours  exceed the good manners. It was the place to leave, to start living, to break the walls, to discover new spaces, new smells, new characters, new possibilities..  The town observation became a very important part of my life. Every time I travel now I explore the city like a local, I aim at feeling it like a local by visiting typical beloved places, going to suburbs, discovering low life, checking street art and factories, smelly backstreets and yards of people’s houses I might visit. I may easily end up in a posh area too, just to feel the expense of the city, the contrast between districts. I watch people drinking their coffee, bus drivers driving a bus, old people walking their dog, young fathers cycling their child to kinder garden, schoolgirls going home..The streets talk as people walk talk, the walls talk as we lean on them.

I left Riga for the first time in 2007. Bradford as the 1st city I went to. Little Pakistan – as they called it. I worked on a factory from 6am till 2pm, doing hard and boring job. I worked at many different factories in various parts of England. I got 2 degrees in Riga, and did Mixed Media studies in the UK. In between I lived in Nenagh, Ireland and Copenhagen and moved to Berlin afterwords. 3,5 years in the capital of Germany and I was back to Ireland, Dublin.


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